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How to Order

If you want something made just for you, this is the right page! Custom order slots are listed on my shop, processing time will depend on availability, which you can check directly on the listing.  

If you'd like to order one, simply add the listing to your cart, and write on the notes what you have in mind, or send me a message to with pictures attached if needed. Make sure to notice the "shipping month" option so you know when to expect your order to be ready!

Please make sure your message includes:

• The kind of creature you'd like.

• Pose.

• Colors, main color, or let me know if you'd like me to choose and I'll send color palettes for you to approve. You can also ask for a theme (space, candy, natural, etc).

• If you have a preference for open or closed eyes.

• Pictures, for example if you'd like a creature in my style inspired by a character, or an older design to be remade (please keep in mind all figurines are unique and a remake will not look the exact same).

​• You can ask for a maximum of 3 additions separate from the main figurine (for example, if you wanted a dragon who is a baker, and is 1. holding a cake, has 2. an open recipe book, and 3. a little assistant) 

Pricing & Types of Creatures

Regular sized figurines: €120. About 2". This price includes everything I can add to creatures: flowers, wings, baskets, rainbow colors, little pets, umbrellas, tables, clothing, etc.  If you want a couple, choose "2" in quantity when you go to order. The only types of creature you can request for regular size are: dragons, merdragons, unicorns (horses, pegasi and alicorns), merunicorns, cats, foxes, deerfoxes, griffins, leopards and hedgehogs.

Bigger sized figurines: €150. About 3". This also includes everything I usually add to creatures. The only types of creature you can request for big size are: unicorns (horses, pegasi, alicorns), dragons and griffins.

Processing Time and Shipping

Custom orders will ship according to the shipping month selected on the listing. Everything ships from Spain, shipping to the US and most of the world is €11.

Please consider the following conditions:

• There will be NO revisions (remakes), if you have a clear image in mind of what you'd like, please try to describe it. I'll do my best to make sure I understand your request, but if you don't like the final result, I will give you a refund and list the figurine on my shop.

• I will not make new poses I've never made before.

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